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  • Worry 着急

    zháo jí 着 急 Meaning:anxious, worry. Usually describe people who are restless and anxious. For example biézháojí,wǒmen néng gǎnshàng fēijī。 别着急, 我们 能 赶上 飞机。 Don’t worry,we can catch the […]

  • Need not 不用

    bùyòng 不用 need not Meaning:it means“not necessary” or “there is no necessity”. For example: Nǐ bùyòng tài dānxīn,tā huì hǎoqǐlái de. 你不用太担心,他会好起来的. You don’t have to worry too much,he will […]

  • Suggest 建议

    jiàn yì 建议 Meaning:to propose,to suggest,suggestion,advice For example: Xiǎoqiáng jiànyì bàbà zhōumò dài tā qù páshān wán. 小强建议爸爸周末带他去爬山玩. Xiaoqiang suggested his father take him to climb the hill on this […]

  • Save 节约

    jié yuē 节约 Meaning:to save,to economize, thrift,economy. For example: jiéyuē yòngshuǐ yòngdiàn shì gè hǎo xíguàn . 节约用水用电是个好习惯. It is a good habit to save water and electricity. Hǎode gōngzuò […]

  • China: Filmmaker Zhang Yimou fined $1.2M for breach of one-child policy


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