Learn Chinese: Anywhere, Anytime with Native Speakers of Chinese

Learn Chinese today with your very own personal Chinese teacher in an intimate one-to-one training atmosphere.  Our warm and friendly Chinese teachers tailor individualized learning programs that give you the tools you need to succeed in learning Chinese.  All of our teachers are highly-qualified native-speakers of Chinese.

Our online lessons are available anywhere in the world, at any time, to anyone with access to a computer. Our one-on-one lessons can be held through Skype or Wechat.

Our courses includes:

Daily Chinese 

Travel Chinese

Business Chinese

HSK Test Prep Course

HSKK Test Prep Course

Business Chinese

YCT Writing Test Prep Course

YCT Speaking Test Prep Course

BCT(Business Chinese Test) Writing Test Prep Course

BCT (Business Chinese Test)Speaking Test Prep Course

C.TEST Prep Course

AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam Prep Course

IB Chinese Prep Course