travel chinese

The Travel Chinese Course is designed for students who are interested in learning Chinese and make the trip much more easier when traveling in China.

We provide online Travel Chinese course via Skype. Our Travel Chinese Lessons focus on spoken Chinese that cover various situations for traveling in China. The course is  very useful and will make your China trip more enjoyable. All our travel Chinese lessons also can be customized to meet your specific needs.


  • Courses customized for your specific Chinese needs
  • One to one tuition with native Chinese speakers
  • Lessons cover various situations for traveling in China.

Travel Chinese Courses cover topics such as greetings, introductions, booking tickets, checking in / out hotels , shopping, asking for directions, ordering food in restaurants, bargaining, exchanging money, night life, making new friends and so on. Our online native speaking Chinese teachers are all highly qualified and experienced. Take a free trial for Travel Chinese lessons now !

OnetooneChinese offers Mandarin Chinese course packages at different pricing points from which you can select based on your requirements.