Our Online Chinese Lessons for Kids are designed for kids from 4-12 years old based on individual basis. The classs are designed to learn Chinese by playing games and discussing fun and interesting topics and stories, and give childrens systematic training in four aspects of Chinese language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our Mandarin Chinese Courses for Kids are divided into 6 different levels, ranging from beginner level to advanced level, which can help your kids enhance their language ability step by step.

Chinese Lessons for Kids  1

  • This level course is for learners who have never taken Chinese classes before, or who are starting with no Chinese language background.
  • Kids will learn Pinyin and basic skills in Chinese pronunciation, basic stokes of Chinese characters, simple phrases, basic topics such as greetings, self-introductions, family members, age, weather, animals, fruits, etc. Our Chinsese teacher will use fun pictures and real objects in the class.

Chinese Lessons for Kids  2

  • This level course is for kids who can speak a little bit of Chinese and conduct very simple conversation.
  • Kids will learn basic dialogues in relation to daily life and Chinese characters, lessons are still centered around topics like asking for directions, time, hobbies, family, school, parties, houses, etc.

Chinese Lessons for Kids 3

  • This course is for children who can already talk about self related as well as familiar topics with simple sentences, asking and answering simple questions, and learn more characters.
  • Topics includes seasons, shoppings, countries, banks and so on. Children will be able to describe actual objects, places, and locations, talking about your leisure time, telling time and date, etc.

Chinese Lessons for Kids 4

  • This course is for young learners who can understand the context of a conversation with long sentences.
  • Extensive topics includes sports, travel, music, the Internet, to invite and reject others politely and so on. Simple poems, idioms and proverbs, and short historical stories will be introduced by our Chinese teachers.

Chinese Lessons for Kids 5

  • This course helps children to use suitable word choices for different occasions.
  • Children will be taught long and complex Chinese stories and folk tales, proverbs, etc. To help children get a better understanding of Chinese culture, history, geography, etc.

Chinese Lessons for Kids 6

  • This course helps children to learn a wider range of topics in many aspects.
  • Chinese teachers will teach children Chinese poems, essays and short stories. etc.