business chineseThe Business Chinese Courses are designed for people who want to use Chinese language in business world, do business with Chinese people, intend to work in China or work in a Mandarin environment. We offer highly customized courses and individualized instruction for business people when they are on their business activities in China. There are five levels of Business Chinese, ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced Level.

The Business Chinese Courses Levels are as below:

Level 1  – This is for those who cannot read Chinese Pinyin or characters. You will study pronunciation, daily vocabulary and phrases, the most simple Chinese expressions and conversations.

Level 2  – This is for those who can interact with basic business communication phrases, can understand very short and simple texts. You will study daily business dialogues, business culture, and Chinese characters.

Level 3  – This is for those who can express simple ideas and information in business situation. You will study: 1. topics related to business 2. How Chinese businessmen think 3. Current business events 4. Business vocabulary and phrases 5. Role-plays according to real business situations.

Level 4 –  This is the intermediate level business course which is more practical. You will learn practical office Chinese, writing and giving presentations, learning to read business topics long and complex business documents, official business mails, proposals, etc.

Level 5   – This level provides an advanced level Business Course. It is designed to improve your abilities in areas such as negotiations, business newspaper and report reading, international trade and transnational business operations, advertising, management skills, employee/employer relations, public speaking, etc.


  • Intensive and flexible professional Chinese business courses at all levels
  • Courses customized for your specific Chinese business needs
  • One to one teaching with native Chinese speakers
  • Flexible schedules to suit your requirements

The lessons are given on a one-to-one basis and structured to fit around your schedule.

OnetoOneChinese offers Mandarin Chinese course packages at different levels from which you can select based on your requirements.