Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who is this service designed for?

The OnetoOneChinese is for all people who would like guidance to build and develop their spoken and/or written Mandarin Chinese ability.

  1. Do you have a money back guarantee?

A refund of 80% will be given on money paid for lessons that have NOT YET been scheduled, on payments made within the last six months.

  1. Where is The OnetoOneChinese located?

OneToOneChinese is based in Beijing, capital of China.

  1. Do your tutors speak English?

Our tutors all speak fluent English.

  1. Do I need to schedule my sessions?

Yes, as where possible we like to partner you with a tutor. We believe by doing so the tutor will become more familiar with your areas which need more attention and what leaning methods work well for you.

  1. How do I schedule my sessions?

You can do this either by contacting us through email or by scheduling it during your online tutoring sessions with your tutor.

  1. Can I request the same tutor for all my interactions?

Yes, please see previous question. It will also depend on what times you and your tutor are both available.

  1. How do I connect to a tutor?

We connect through the use of  Skype which is convenient for both tutors and students.

  1. Do I need a headset and microphone?

While a headset and microphone may not be needed if your computer has a built in microphone, it is found that headset and microphone produces better results by helping reduce lag and minimizing noise from the surrounding area.

  1. What time can I connect to a tutor?

This will depend on what times your tutors is available. Different tutors will be available at different times. When scheduling classes inform us which times you are available, this along with your needs and goals will allow us to pair you with the most appropriate tutor.

11. I can’t hear my tutor, what should I do?

Check to make sure that your headset and microphone is plugged in and turned on. You might have to look into your computer’s control settings to adjust these settings. If you still can’t hear your tutor, you may have to disconnect and connect again.