The characters“宝贝(bǎobèi)”means“baby”in Chinese,you can also say“宝宝(bǎo bǎo)”which would be used “child”in formal conversation.

“宝贝(bǎobèi)”another meaning in Chinese is more like “my little darling” and can be used to refer to one’s lover.

The character “宝 (bǎo)” means something is very precious and “贝 (bèi)” means shell.

For example:

Bǎobèi, māma míngtiān dài nǐ qù yóulèchǎng wán.
Baby, mom would like to take you to the amusement park tomorrow.

bǎo bèi ,wǎn shàng xiǎng chī shen me
Baby,what would you like to eat for dinner?

Bǎobèi ,jīnwǎn de nǐ měilì jí le!
My darling, how beautiful you were tonight!

Useful Chinese words or phrases for infant:
baby (infant) 婴 儿(yīng’ér)
婴儿车 [yīng’ér chē]baby carriage
婴儿床 [yīng’ér chuáng ] baby bed
婴儿食品 [yīng’ér shípĭn] baby food