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A picture titled “Is Your Mom Like This?” made by a QQ Messenger user showing how his mother sends him emoticons(表情符号)to express how she is feeling, especially in the midst of his return home(回家) for the Spring Festival holiday, touched the hearts of many netizens(网友) when it was posted to the internet earlier this week.
一张图片名为“你妈妈是这样吗? ”一个QQ用户展示了他的母亲如何通过发送QQ表情来表达她的感觉如何,尤其是在快到春节放假前,当它在本周初发到互联网时感动了众多网友.

A netizen going by the screen name “Having Loose Bowels” said she could only come back to visit her mother during the Spring Festival, yet her mother would always call(打电话) her to ask if she can return home sooner. “I want to take a flight to go back as soon as possible to give my mother a hug(拥抱),” she added.
网友“拉肚肚”表示,说她只能在春节期间回去看望她的母亲,但她的母亲总是打电话给她问,能不能早点回家。“好想快点坐飞机回家给妈妈一个拥抱, ”她补充说

Another netizen named “Flying to the Sky 344” said: “I’m moved and feel ashamed after I saw the picture, because I seldom(很少) express my love to my mother.” He added that he only called home when he needs something and he will make more calls starting from this year.
名为“飞向天空344 ”另一位网友说: “我看到图片后,很感动,也感到羞耻,因为我很少向我母亲表达我对她的爱。 ”他补充说只有他需要东西时他才打电话回家,但从今年开始,他会打更多的电话。

Hu Xiao, a psychological consultant in the Mental Health Education and Consulting Center of Southwest University of Political Science & Law, explained that pictures with short sentences are simple, yet direct ways to show people’s emotions(情感), which is becoming popular(流行的)among today’s youngsters(青少年).

She also suggested that young people contact parents more to build a better mutual(相互的)understanding, and parents should give them more motivation(动力), other than pressure(压力).

Key Words 重点词汇

biǎo qíng fú hào
表   情   符 号

huí jiā
回  家
return home

wǎng yǒu
网   友

dǎ diàn huà
打 电   话

yōng bào
拥   抱

hěn shǎo
很  少

qíng gǎn
情   感

liú xíng de
流  行   的

qīng shǎo nián
青   少   年

xiāng hù de
相   互  的

dòng lì
动   力

yā lì
压 力


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