There are so many Chinese characters to learn. According to the Chinese government, Basic literacy starts at two thousand characters. Then how can you read characters in just eight minutes. Here below is some very visual images for you to read Chinese radica characters very fast.

Here’s “ren,” the radical for person, illustrated with head and feet.

Here’s word “kou” for mouth. It’s harder to forget wide-open mounth.

Two people make the word “cong” meaning  follow,  Three is a crowd and reads ” zhong”. A person with arms stretched wide is “big” with the sound “da.” A person inside a mouth is a prisoner with pronunciation of “qiu.”

Here’s the word for adult, combining big and person, pronouncing “da ren.”

Here’s the word for tree, Chinese pronouncation ” shu.”

Two trees are word “shu” meaning woods, three make a character “sen” meaning forest , and there are other logical variations.

Here’s the character “shan” for mountain, with illustration on top.

Two mountains stacked on top of each other forms the word “chu” meaning “come out”. In ancient times, the Emperor sent his enemies into exile beyond the mountains. Today, exile has come to mean to get out.

The character “huo” means fire.

Two fires stacked on top of each other form the word “yan” meaning hot. Three make a character “yan” meaning flame , and two woods above a fire form character “fen” meaning burning.

Put together fire and mountain and what do you get?

The radical for sun with pronounciation of “ri”

The word “yue” means “moon.”

Two suns together form the word “chang” meaning prosperous. Three make a character “jing” meaning sparkles , sun and moon form a character “ming” meaning brightnes or tomorrow, sun above horizon means sunrise and reads “dan.”

Combine sun and tree and you get the word for Japan, land of the rising sun.

Here’s the Chinese word for a Japanese person. All you had to do was add the person to the right.

Combine the radicals for mountain and mouth, like a hole in the mountain, and you get the Chinese word for exit, sort of like a tunnel.


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