How to say husband in Chinese:

1. “老公 (lăogōng) ”generally refers to the husband’s common name, but also refers to the man who accompany a woman grow old together. 老公 is the most frequently used words in both mandarin and Cantonese. It is more for informal conversation.e.g. 这是我老公(Zhè shì wǒ lǎogōng).

2. “先生 (xiānsheng)” refers to“husband ”and can be used in a more formal occasion. 先生(xiānshēng) is an elegant word when women call others or their husbands. “先生 (xiānsheng)” has other meanings except husband, teachers can be called as 先生 (xiānsheng) in Chinese ancient history. People entitled outstanding intellectual and women as 先生 (xiānsheng) such as distinguished politics, scientists and writers.

3. 丈夫(zhàngfu) also means “husband” which used in formal situation, “夫 (fū)” means “male.”

4. 孩儿他/她爸(Hái’ér tā bà)literal meaning is “the child’s father” which is casual way to talk about their husbands. “他 (tā)” / “她 (tā)” means “he”/”she” which refers to the child is a boy or a girl.

How to say wife in Chinese:

1. 老婆(lǎo pó) is used to call one’s wife in daily life, also refers to the woman who accompany a man grow old together.

2. 媳妇儿(xí fur) is similar to 老婆(lǎo pó),a very casual way to call one’s wife.

3. 妻子(qī zǐ) refers to married woman, it is the most suitable tranlation of “wife” and mostly used in formal texts. 妻子(qī zǐ) is used together with 丈夫(zhàngfu).

4. 太太(tài tài) and 夫人(fū rén) both refers to the married women with respect , it is mostly used in very formal occasion. You can say 这是我太太 “This is my wife”. And 王先生的夫人 for “Mr. Wang’s wife”. 夫人(fū rén) is more honored and usually used to call somebody’s wife.

5. 孩儿他/她妈 (Hái’ér tā mà)means “the child’s mom” , a casual way to talk abou their wife. It is mostly used together 孩儿他/她爸(Hái’ér tā bà).

6. 爱人(àiren)refers to one person of the couple, both “wife”or“husband” can be called as 爱人(àiren). For example, you can introduce to your friends or colleagues “这是我的爱人 (Zhè shì wŏ de àiren) “This is my husband/wife.