Seven days of the week

Today we learn how to say Seven Days of the Week in Chinese.

The important thing is that you should know how to say numbers in Chinese, if that you can say easily the days of the week all in one! That means saying Monday is like saying ‘day 1 of the week’ = Xīngqī yī(星期一)and so on.

Everyone knows that there are 7 “days of the week”. In seven days of the week, only Sunday cannot be expressed as ‘day 7 of the week’ in Chinese, it only can be showed ‘天 tiān or 日 rì‘.

Days of the Week:

Monday      (星期一 Xīngqī yī)   =day 1 of the week
Tuesday      (星期二 Xīngqī èr)   =day 2 of the week
Wednesday(星期三 Xīngqī sān)=day 3 of the week
Thursday    (星期四 Xīngqī sì )   =day 4 of the week
Friday          (星期五 Xīngqī wǔ ) =day 5 of the week
Saturday     (星期六 Xīngqī liù ) =day 6 of the week
Sunday         (星期日/天 Xīngqī tiān/ rì )



There are two more different words to show Xīngqī in daily conversation that are ’周zhōu‘ or’礼拜 lǐ bài‘.It is the same meaning as Xīngqī, for example, Monday means zhōu yī or lǐ bài yī, Sunday means zhōu rì or lǐ bài rì. However it is often used in spoken Chinese, and seldom used in official and formal terms.


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