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Tips and ideas on the best ways to learn Chinese for beginners faster and easily.

1.Regard yourself as a new baby.
Babies learn their language slowly.
First they learn to listen.
Then they learn to speak.
Finally, they can read and write.

2.Listen to Chinese every day
Listen to Chinese radio.
Listen to Chinese songs.
Watch Chinese TV shows.
Go to Chinese movies.
Make the most of online lessons.

3.Make a Chinese friend
Speak Chinese dialogue.
Make conversation.
Practise Chinese.

4.Read Chinese stories
Begin with children’s comic books or story books that make you intesting.
Read advertisements, signs and slogans, idioms.

5. Mark down new words
Begin a vocabulary (new word) notebook
Write words in Pinyin and its order (a…b…c…).
Make example sentences.
Always use a Chinese-Chinese dictionary first.

6. Recite good sentences and poets.
Collect and keep life quotes or saying.
Look for your own way to recite.
Recite any sentences and articles you most like.

7. Visit and travel Chinese speaking country.
Learn Chinese more quickly.
Experience the country itself.
Speak Mandarin with native speaker.

Why do you need to learn Chinese?
Ask yourself an important question about why I need to learn Chinese before you start studying Chinese. Is it because you feel like it or because your family want you to learn? The answer must be that studying Chinese is something you want to do. Recognizing the things you want will guide your decision-making and keep you focused on your end goals.

Set goals
Setting goals allows you to choose how you want to step ahead for studying. For example, if you want to work to a Chinese-speaking country. Your goal might be to learn “Business Chinese and Daily Chinese”. Perhaps your current level is about HSK4 or 6, but you want to improve your translation skills and pronunciation, whatever your goals are, write them down.

Make a schedule
Each goal you set should consider WHAT you will do and WHEN you will accomplish it.And be realistic. If you want to learn the spelling of three new words a day is realistic, don’t plan on learning the spelling of fifty new words a day. Use a textbook that is challenging, but not too difficult. Because of the high pace of modern life, most people like to study best at night, or on the bus on your way to work. Find out what works for you.

Make a promise
Learning Chinese needs lots of desire and motivation. If you are sure you are ready to start studying, make a promise. No one is able to urge you.

Have fun learning Chinese!
That’s the best if we enjoy doing something in our life. If you aren’t having fun learning Chinese, you’re not studying the right way! Recognize your progress and use your language for ultimate enjoyment.

Two more tips for learning Chinese:
a)learn Pinyin firstly when you start learning Chinese.You can get more details about learning pinyin on “How to Learn Chinese Pinyin Quickly and How to Start to Speak Chinese”. If mastered pinyin you can understand and speak to Chinese people even if you cannot write and read Chinese characters. As we know, there have 4 tones in Mandarin, and in honesty, tones are not the real problem. Chinese people can understand you even if your tones are not very correct.so be confident to learn Chinese. But actually one word in Chinese can mean completely different things when you change the tones.
b) you can choose your best and favorite learning medium. Are you a classroom-textbook-teacher-student learner? Perhaps registered for a Mandarin class at your local city college is a good option. Or are you a on-site 1-to-1 private learner? Perhaps finding a tutor to speak Mandarin with is also a good option.


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