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At noon on Saturday Dec 2013,President Xi Jinping arrived unannounced at the Qing Feng steamed bun restaurant.He queued up with the other people and paid for his food himself and chatted with other diners without a full security entourage.When he stood in line, many citizens came to shake hands and take picture with him. He ordered six pork buns,  a bowl of fried liver and a plate of mustard at cost of 21RMB ($3.5).

12月28日中午,习近平总书记习近平总书记在没有提前安排(make arrangement)的情况下,来到庆丰包子铺,他自己排队,点餐(order),付钱(pay for money),取餐。在他排队时,百姓就过来找他握手,和他合影,习总书记很亲切地和大家拍照,也没有人拦着。他点了二两猪肉大葱包,一碗炒肝,一份芥菜,花了21元,用餐20分钟。

习近平总书记离开约1小时后,从网上看到消息前来的顾客开始增多(increase).当晚,有的工作人员在加班(work overtime)。习总书记的到来,使“庆丰包子铺”生意异常火爆(roaring trade),很多人们争先恐后(fall over one another) 购买习总书记点的“套餐”(called Xi Dada’s Set Meal)

重点词汇Key Words:

安排 ān pái
make arrangement

点餐 diǎn cān

付钱 fù qián
make payment

增多 zēng duō

加班 jiā bān
work overtime

生意火爆 shēng yì huǒ bào
roaring trade

争先恐后 zhēng xiān kǒng hòu
fall over one another

大大 dà dà
“Dada” means “Uncle” in the Shanxi dialect. “Xi Dada” means “Uncle Xi”.


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