Chinese money is called renminbi (人民币) , or the people’s money. It is also referred to as rmb, yuan (元), and kuai (块). The main notes are yuan notes, coming in 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 yuan denominations. There are also 1 yuan coins, as well as the smaller notes and coins that denote tenths of a yuan (角, jiǎo) or 100ths of a yuan (分, fēn). It can be daunting to use so many notes whilst in China- you feel like you are carrying around a lot of money. However, you will get used to it quickly, and find that the monetary system is very good. With the knowledge of Chinese banknotes, you can easily buy something in China during your daily life.


¥1 yuan 壹元 yì yuán





2 jiao

¥0.2 Yuan 贰角 èr jiǎo





5 jiao

¥0.5 yuan 伍角 wǔ jiǎo





1 yuan

¥1 yuan 壹元 yì yuán






5 yuan

¥5 yuan 伍元 wǔ yuán






20 yuan

¥20 yuan 贰拾元 èr shí yuán





50 yuan

¥50 yuan 伍拾元 wǔ shí yuán



100 yuan

¥100 yuan 壹佰元 yì bǎi yuán