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Archive for December, 2017

  • Wear a hat or take a hat 戴帽子

    dài màozi 戴 帽子 Meaning:wear a hat or take a hat. For example: Xiǎopéngyǒumen,dōngtiān wàichū jìdé dàimàozǐ! 小朋友们, 冬天 外出 记得 戴帽子! Childen,remember to wear a hat when go out […]

  • Worry 着急

    zháo jí 着 急 Meaning:anxious, worry. Usually describe people who are restless and anxious. For example biézháojí,wǒmen néng gǎnshàng fēijī。 别着急, 我们 能 赶上 飞机。 Don’t worry,we can catch the […]


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