All our teachers are qualified and have experience teaching Chinese. They have a passion for helping students make the most of their time. Besides they’re also very nice people!

Peter Wang 

Wang-yanqiang teacherWhat did you study?     Tourism Management at Jilin Engineering Normal University
What have you taught?      Travel Chinese, Business Chinese,General Chinese.
Why One to One Chinese?     There is a remarkably positive attitude among the students and teachers and we all enjoy the whole experience.
What are your hobbies?     Playing basketball, travelling, Internet.
Why did you become a teacher? I have always loved languages and working with people, and being an Chinese teacher means I can do both of these.

I’m from Hebei Province but now live in Beijing. I graduated from a teacher`s college of northwest China with bachelor degree. In my former life I was a travel consultant for foreign travelers to China, which involves lots of talks and communications with English speakers.

Sophie Chai  

sophie chai fang What did you study?  English at Tianjin Foreign Studies University
What have you taught?  General Chinese, Business Chinese, HSK Chinese.
Why One to One Chinese? Teachers here are highly experienced and well-qualified. They systematically help you improve your communicative competence and develop your confidence and fluency.
What are your hobbies?  Reading, Travel, Movies, Songs.
Why did you become a teacher?  I’m happy that my profession is to teach Chinese to all ages. I enjoy this job so much and my happiness reaches its utmost degree when I deliver a lesson and I feel it resulted in a great effect on my students. I feel that I open windows for them and lower walls in their realm of education.

My hometown is Henan Province and now I live in Beijing. I graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University with English bachelor degree. My former job is an administrator in a foreign-capital enterprise in Beijing, which involves lots of communications with foreigners in the company.

Lili Zhang 


What did you study? English Language Literature at Hebei Normal University, Master’s degree

What have you taught? Business Chinese, Travel Chinese, General Chinese, HSK Chinese, College English

Why One to One Chinese? All of our Chinese teachers have a college-level degree to teach Chinese as a foreign language, their professional knowledge & skills guarantee the best learning experience for our students worldwide.

What are your hobbies? Playing badminton, Reading, Listening to music, Travel.

Why did you become a teacher? I like both Chinese and English literature, and I hope to teach foreign students how to read and write Chinese and help businessman learn more about Chinese people and culture.

I’m from Hebei Province but now am living in Beijing. I graduated from Hebei Normal University with master degree. I was once a Chinese and English teacher at a college, and then I’ve been working as a Chinese language teacher since theree years ago. I’m very enthusiastic in teaching Chinese and pleased to see any progress made by my students.