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Archive for May, 2016

  • A little late 有点晚

    yǒu diǎn wǎn 有点晚 Meaning:a little late. The character”有点“means a little or a bit,”晚“mean late. For example: Jīntiān yǒudiǎnwǎn le,míngtiān zài tán ba. 今天有点晚了,明天再谈吧. It’s a little late today,let’s talk […]

  • Job-hopping 跳槽

    tiào cáo 跳槽 Meaning:Job-hopping,it usually refers to one person change one job to another. For example: Tā tiàocáo qù le yīgè dàxíngde guǎnggào gōngsī. 他跳槽去了一个大型的广告公司. He played job – hopping […]

  • Second-hand car 二手车

    èr shǒu chē 二手车 Meaning:Second-hand car, ”二手“means the second-hand in Chinese,”车“means car or vehicle. For example: wǒ xiǎng mǎi yīliàng èrshǒuchē 我想买一辆二手车。 I would like to buy a second-hand car. […]


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