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Archive for December, 2014

  • Have Someone’s Hair Cut 理发

    lǐ fā 理发 Meaning:Have someone’s hair cut /done. The character”理”means cut,“发”means hair,you can also say”剪头发(jiǎn tóu fā)“ in Chinese. For example: wǒ xiǎng lǐ fā / jiǎn tóu fā. 我  […]

  • Hopeless 没戏

    méixì 没戏 Meaning:Hopeless,finished,over.The character “没“means not,“戏”means play or show. For example: wǒ háiméiyǒu jiēdào miànshì tōngzhī,gūjì méixì le. 我还没有接到面试通知,估计没戏了. I have not received an interview yet and I guess it […]


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